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How to Join

Joining SPC is simple, just come to a meeting one Monday evening (we do not meet on Bank Holidays) at 8.00pm and you will be made welcome.

The annual subscription, which runs from January, is £22 on a pro rata basis.

There is also a fee of £3 collected at each weekly meeting.

As an introduction to the Club, no subs are collected for the first three weeks.


What We Do

If you join SPC, you are will be a member of a club that was established more than three decades ago to allow members to indulge their hobby in a friendly and supportive environment, whether they were experienced photographers or complete beginners. That guiding principle is as true today as it was at the inception of the Club in 1979.

Members of SPC get the benefit of access to our members′ vast knowledge base and the Club′s photographic equipment, used for studio work, photo-editing and printing.

The Club also offers instruction evenings, where more experienced photographers are on hand to advise and encourage newer or less experienced ones.

Various activities that take members out and about with their cameras take place throughout the year.

We believe that we’re one of the friendliest and most welcoming of clubs you’ll find and our aim is to try to make membership a fun experience and a sociable one.

Events Calendar

We have a complete and full events calendar on our website.


The club prides itself on organising numerous and varied activities to suit all levels of ability and interest. We have members who have specialties in many areas of photography and digital manipulation and we spend as much time as necessary to ensure that all members benefit from this fully.

We run practical sessions on topics such as lighting, digital workshops, still life and portraiture.

Outside speakers are an integral part of our yearly calendar and past topics have included lighting for portraits, manipulation of digital files, wedding photography, judging for competitions, what judges look for and how to gain professional qualifications.

We strive to include something for everyone.


The club is affiliated to the Lancashire & Cheshire Photographic Union (L&CPU) and we submit entries to their competitions each year.

Additionally we organize our own competitions for members to submit prints and/or projected images; usually these are judged by an outside specialist.

All competition entries must be handed in no later than two weeks prior to the relevant competition and must conform to the rules.

We also take part in inter-club competitions with neighbouring clubs.

To help all members take an active part in our competitions we have the facility to print your images up to A3+ size.

Our quarterly competition rules echo those of the L&CPU.

There is more information and the latest competition results on our Competitons page.


We have a number of pieces of equipment available for use by our members, for example, we have a full studio lighting setup. We also have our own computer systems running Microsoft Windows with Photoshop, Elements and Lightroom installed for members' use, together with a printer capable of producing images up to A3+.

We also own a projector, screen and a lightbox to display digital images & prints.