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2018 Competition Results




PDI First=

Little Hayfield

Charlie Saycell

"Little Hayfield;" by Charlie Saycell

PDI First=

Polar Bear Meal

Charlie Saycell

"Polar Bear Meal; by Mary Mansfield

PDI Second=

Tawny Owl

Gerry Gentry

"Tawny Owl" by Gerry Gentry

PDI Second=

Puppy Love

Gary Lewis

"Puppy Love" by Gary Lewis

There were forty-two images ⟨twenty-three PDIs and nineteen prints⟩ for Mike Davis (Rochdale PS ) to judge in the first competition of the year. Mike explained his judging philosophy and said that his comments were his own thoughts about each image and that another judge may well have a different opinion. With that in mind, he ranked each image in their relative categories in relation to the others and came to the conclusion that two prints ("My Best Friend" by Vicky Mansfield and Barry Barnes's "Under My Umbrella") merited equal first place.

In the PDI section, Charlie Saycell and Mary Mansfield were equal first-place winners with their "Little Hayfield" and "Polar Bear Meal" respectively.

The top scorers were:

Place Title Author
1st= My Best Friend Vicky Mansfield
1st= Under My Umbrella Barry Barnes
2nd Don't Count the Days, Make the Days Count Gerry Gentry
3rd= For the Love of Horses Vicky Mansfield
3rd= Flour Shoot Charlie Saycell
3rd= A Colourful Reflection Vicky Mansfield
Place Title Author
1st= Little Hayfield Charlie Saycell
1st= Polar Bear Meal Mary Mansfield
2nd= Tawny Owl Gerry Gentry
2nd= Puppy Love Gary Lewis
2nd= Hot Work Mike Wheeller
3rd= Puppy Dog Eyes Craig Combs
3rd= Chameleon Gerry Gentry
3rd= Jumping Jack Stuart Vaughton
3rd= Extreme Makeover Barry Barnes
3rd= Winter is Coming Vicky Mansfield
3rd= Kirsty Mike Wheeller

Congratulations to the winners, commiserations to all the other entrants and a big thanks to Mike for giving his time and expertise.