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January 2016
04 My best pictures of 2015 – bring images, DPIs and/or prints, which you have taken last year and which are important to you.
11 Practical night – publicity shoot.
18 Other people′s pictures that I like.

Hand in entries for externally–judged January’s competition.

25 Externally–judged competition: judge – Brian Lomas.

February 2016
01 In My View talk by Christine Widdall, MPAGB EFIAP ABPE
Christine says "My original print talk is regularly updated with new images, so the title doesn’t change, but the content does. It will contain a variety of subjects in colour and some monochrome work is included. In My View will feature Permajet products and I can demonstrate different paper surfaces and discuss printing techniques. Input from the audience is welcome. "
08 L&CPU folio.
15 Practical night – studio session with a model.
22 Show and Tell – picture improvement night.
29 Short review of the Club Year 2015–16; followed by a DVD on Annie Leibovitz’s work.

March 2016
07 Practical night – possible visit.

Hand in entries for externally–judged March’s competition.

14 Instructional Phlearn DVDs.
21 Externally–judged competition: judge – Mike Davis .
28 Bank holiday – no meeting.

April 2016
04 Internal competition: theme – open.
11 Product Photography – a new talk by George Franks outside speaker.
18 Battle with Hyde at home:
25 DVD night.

Hand in entries for externally–judged May’s competition.

May 2016
02 Bank holiday - no meeting.
09 Outdoor photoshoot – Monk’s Road.

Hand in entries for externally–judged May’s competition.

16 Externally–judged competition: judge – Andrew Brochwicz–Lewinski ARPS.
23 Portrait Lighting Techniques – practical demonstration – Alan Towse LRPS.
30 Bank holiday - no meeting.

June 2016
06 Internal DPI knockout competition.
13 Practical night – Levitation photography.
20 Architectural Photography – Beccy Lane ABIPP.
Positive Image Photographer, Beccy Lane is an award winning architectural and industrial photographer based in Broadbottom, shooting photography across the UK and abroad for a range of clients from architects and interior designers to construction companies and property developers. This is a talk about her work, with numerous examples.
27 Review of output from practical nights – picture improvement discussion.

Hand in entries for externally–judged July′s competition.

July 2016
04 Storyboard 2016.
11 Externally–judged competition: judge – Nick Berentzen CPAGB BPE1.
18 Practical night – photoshoot at Salford Quays.
25 Mobile Photography Presentation – Adrian McGarry.
Adrian says "This fast–paced presentation is all about capturing and editing photos on a smartphone or tablet. I discuss and demo the apps and workflow that I use. There are plenty of example images covering a wide spectrum of content including urban, landscape and creative art."

August 2016
01 Internal DPI competition: Judge – Ian Boys
NB entries to be submitted on the night.
08 Photographing Insects and Other Small Animals – Tony Pioli FRPS.
Tony describes this talk as "An investigation of the close–up techniques required to produce competent images of our smaller creatures; the lecture is illustrated with both prints and slides."
15 Review of output from practical nights – picture improvement discussion.
22 Other people’s pictures I like.
29 Bank holiday – no meeting.

September 2016
05 Practical night – Outdoor shoot.

Hand in entries for September′s externally–judged competition.

12 L&CPU folio.
19 Externally–judged competition: judge – Daryl Giles.
26 Annual General Meeting.

October 2016
03 L&CPU folio.
10 Photographing rock bands and traveloques – Graham Currey.
A talk on photographing rock bands and traveloques where Graham will showcase pictures he has taken, edited and sold from around the world, with some examples of how they were edited.
17 Review of Club Year Calendar 2016.

Hand in entries for November′s externally–judged competition

24 Practical night.
31 Battle – away at Hyde PS.

November 2016
07 Externally–judged competition: judge – Mike Lawrence AFAIP DPAGB
14 Review of output from practical nights – picture improvement discussion.
21 Visit Manchester’s Christmas market.
28 "Six of the best".

December 2016
05 Review of output from practical nights – picture improvement discussion.
12 Landscape Photography – Brian Law.
Brian says "In the first half of this talk I discuss how to take great landscape photographs and how this requires planning and preparation. A range of practical aspects are also considered with the core of the talk being based around Technique and Composition. In the second half, the audience is invited to apply its learning and understanding of the genre to the critique of a wide range of landscape images"
19 Christmas social evening.
26 Bank holiday – No meeting

We hope that you have a great Christmas and look forward to seeing you all in the new year!