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Competition Rules

  1. All entries, both Prints and DPIs, must be submitted via the PhotoEntry website; fully paid-up members will be provided with logon details.
  2. No image may be entered in a competition if it has been used in a previous Stalybridge Photographic Club competition.
  3. The number of entries a photographer may enter into each competition and the method of submission is agreed from time to time by the Committee and published on the Club's website.
  4. The photographer submitting the images must have taken them and have the full copyright of all elements of the image at their disposal. Manipulated images are welcome, provided the photographer has carried out all the manipulation, and that he/she took the original exposure/s. Images constructed from so–called royalty free and copyright free images to which nobody owns the copyright are not acceptable:
    1. all techniques in the making of an image must be carried out by the stated author
    2. guidance can be given by a mentor, but all actions must be have been carried out by the author
  5. Prints can be commercially produced and must be mounted on card exactly 500mm x 400mm, backed and be no thicker than 4mm.
    1. the backing board must be exactly the same size as the font board
    2. No tape of any description to be used on the back of the mounts
    3. nothing which identifies the author must appear on the front or back of the print
    4. a digital file ( 1600 pixels x 1200 pixels);of each print must be submitted via the PhotoEntry website. The actual print to be presented on the night of the competition.
  6. Digital Projected Images (DPIs) should be within 1600 pixels wide and 1200 pixels high, formatted in jpeg and sRGB colour space and have a title. Unused areas of an image should be left blank if an image is less than 1600 pixels wide x 1200 pixels high. The file must be submitted via the PhotoEntry system.
  7. It will be assumed that any images, PDI or print, entered into monthly or annual competitions may be selected to represent the club in external competitions and publication on the Club's website unless a member specifically requests otherwise.
  8. The competitions are only open to fully–paid members of Stalybridge Photographic Club.
  9. Submission of an entry will signify acceptance of these rules.

AGM 28.09.2015

Revised September 2017, March 2018 and August 2019

Submitting Entries

How many to submit?

Members may submit THREE DPIs and THREE prints to each competition.

When to submit?

Entries must be submitted within the timescale set out in the PhotoEntry submission page.

How to submit?

All submissions must be via the PhotoEntry website.

How to Resize DPIs

Having trouble sizing your DPIs? Then our tutorials will help.